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About the Class - Year 3

We're an eager and kind group, who love to learn. Mrs Hill, Mrs Goodman and Mrs Page are the friendly class teachers and Mrs Wilford and Mrs Archer are our happy teaching assistants. Mrs Hill works with the children on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Goodman works with the children on a Thursday and Friday and Mrs Page works with a small group of children across the week.

In Year 3 you have the opportunity to earn your pen licence, which means you get to write in pen for most subjects except maths. You will also go on a trip to Caldecotte Lake for the day, where you learn how to sail and complete a high ropes course. We are also able to go on fun trips to the Chiltern Open Air Museum and the British Museum in London.

All children in Year 3 are lucky enough to learn to play the violin with our fantastic music teacher. 

We have 2 School Councillors who work together to make sure the class is happy and they listen to your ideas. We earn house points for our house colours red, blue, yellow and green and collect merit points. We need to collect 50 merit points each time to get our shiny bronze, silver and gold badges!

Some words to describe our class are 'fabulous', 'spectacular', and 'awesome'!


Designated Person for Child Protection is the Headteacher, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Deputy Head Mr David May, Assistant Headteacher Mrs Heidi Martin and Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill