The SEN Code of Practice sets out the statutory duties and responsibilities of Local Authorities, schools, health and social services towards children who have special educational needs. A child is deemed to have special needs if he or she has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age and therefore needs special educational provision to be made. We want all children to be able to achieve to their full potential and so the procedures used by the school to assess children and monitor their subsequent progress ensure prompt identification of special educational needs. Good adult to pupil ratios provide children with help and support within the classroom, enabling them to receive a broad, balanced and relevant education, appropriate to their needs and to the National Curriculum.


Designated Person for Child Protection is the Headteacher, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Deputy Head Mr David May, Assistant Headteacher Mrs Heidi Martin and Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill