It is worth emphasising from the outset that a 'Growth' Mindset is not a new curriculum but simply an approach to learning in school and life beyond. Research by Developmental Psychologist Dr Carol Dweck of Stanford University points to people having one of two mindsets: Growth and Fixed.

However, it's not all about Dr Dweck. The schools has taken advice this learning academic gives, mixing it with further academic research and making it suit The Three Schools, Local Authority and National policies, and how we think it will best benefit The Three Schools' children.

A child's belief about intelligence is an important factor in whether they become an effective learner. We all hold beliefs about concepts such as 'intelligence', 'ability' and 'personality', with roughly half of us holding a 'fixed' mindset and the other half a 'growth' mindset.

At The Three Schools, a key part of developing such a mindset is in hearing a consistent message from everyone involved. Staff across the school use techniques to encourage children to think this way but it is important that the message is heard at home as well.

In the booklet and PowerPoint presentation below, you will find some handy advice on Growth Mindset and how to help your son or daughter consolidate the idea and go onto ever greater success.


Designated Person for Child Protection is the Headteacher, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Deputy Head Mr David May, Assistant Headteacher Mrs Heidi Martin and Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill