The Foundation Stage

Kingfishers Preschool and Mursley and Drayton Parslow Foundation Stage classes plan using the Early Learning Goals.

The curriculum between 2 and 5 years is play based and carefully planned to cater for the children's individual needs and interests. There is a balance between adult led and child initiated activities. The children are assessed on entry and tracked continuously throughout their time at Preschool and in the Foundation Stage. At the end of Foundation Stage assessments are made against the Early Learning Goals. Assessments are mainly based on observations of children engaged in self-chosen activities but do involve more formal assessments of developing literacy and mathematics skills as age appropriate.


Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum

We firmly believe that the children are the most important part of our school. We therefore aim to provide a child centred, stimulating environment in which they can follow their interests and develop skills and knowledge that will help them grow and mature to participate fully in their future lives. We aim to provide a sense of security through clearly stated expectations of work and behaviour; an environment that is organised, comfortable and structured and an atmosphere that is caring and considerate. Learning should be relevant to children's experiences and interests whilst broadening their knowledge and providing challenges. 

 To this end the school's curriculum helps children to:

-          develop lively and enquiring minds

-          learn to ask questions and express their opinions

-          apply themselves to intellectual and physical tasks

-          acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to life in a changing and challenging world

-          become literate, numerate and articulate

-          develop moral and spirtual values

-          understand and respect the cultures and religions of other ethnic groups

-          gain knowledge and an understanding of the world in which they live.  

All curriculum areas are planned and delivered in accordance with the National Curriculum or Foundation Stage Curriculum and agreed school and Local Authority policies. 

We also recognise that children are individuals. They develop at different rates and so their needs vary as they progress through the school. Children's progress is constantly assessed and reviewed in order to ensure that they are working at an appropriate level for their stage of development and lessons are planned and delivered according to every child's needs. 


A taste of the Summer Term 2018


Curriculum News 

This term we once again have fun-packed, exciting and stimulating learning opportunities for the     children across the Three Schools. We are aiming to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires pupils to learn. The range of subjects and activities we have planned will help our pupils acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education, including the     humanities and linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technical, social, physical and artistic learning.

Please see the updates below from each year group for a summary of the fantastic learning journeys that will be taking place during topic sessions in the Summer term—Remember to see your child’s E-Schools page for weekly updates. 


Drayton Parslow and Mursley (Key Stage 1)


This term Foundation Stage are learning all about Mini-beasts. We began by building a bug hotel and have been observing all the interesting creatures that are moving in! We are learning a lot about sorting and classifying as well as how to care for living things. We are watching caterpillars and tadpoles growing in our classrooms and are waiting to see the next stages in their life cycles. We have been lucky enough to see some giant land snails and also to handle some larger creatures from Wrigglies pet shop. We are looking forward to a visit from the Bucks Bee Keepers at the end of May, and also an exciting mini-beast day out at College Lake when we will be pond dipping and going on a bug safari! There are plenty of mini beast home challenges to keep everyone busy too!

Mrs Smuts and Mrs Sandmann (EYFS Teachers)


Year 1 and 2—Real Life Superheroes (Florence Nightingale )

This half term our topic is Real Life Superheroes and our focus is Florence Nightingale. We have an exciting trip planned to Claydon House for the end of term. Over the term the children will be learning about Florence as a child and how she felt it was God's calling for to become a nurse. They will find out about how she travelled to Scutari and the conditions she found when arrived. As we move through the term the children will learn how Florence improved the conditions and why she became known as The Lady with the Lamp. The topic finishes with a comparison of life today and life for Florence and how she spent her latter days. Our computing topic is Word Processing and it is linked to out history topic. We will be building our skills over the term and will result in us producing a fact file on Florence Nightingale.

Mrs McLean-Hall, Mrs Martin, Mrs Wheeldon, Mrs Chapman-Hill and Ms Rolls. (KS1 Team)

 Swanbourne (Key Stage 2)

Year 3—The Ancient Egyptians

Year 3 will be learning about the Egyptians (although maybe not how to walk like one!)  during the Summer term.  We will be visiting the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford near the beginning of our topic, becoming Egyptian detectives by investigating artefacts and evidence boxes to learn about some powerful Egyptians – working out ‘who’s who’ from their belongings. In class, we will look at the location of Egypt and research the River Nile to discover its significance in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians and farming. We will also uncover the mystery of the process of mummification, which might well involve lots and lots of toilet roll (we don’t have that many linen bandages!).  Other areas we will be looking at include hieroglyphics, Egyptian gods, clothing, pharaohs and the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter. In addition, our art lessons will be focused on making ancient Egyptian sarcophagi using Modroc sculpture. 

Mrs Goodman, Mrs Page and Mrs Hill (Year 3 Teachers)


Year 4 – Anglo Saxons & Vikings

In Year 4 we will be historians. We will be picking up where we left off in the Autumn Term at the end of the Roman era and will continue by learning about the Anglo Saxons & Vikings. We will start by  learning about the Anglo Saxons – where did they come from? What impact did they have on Britain when they settled? Warriors and weapons and the mystery of the Sutton Hoo burial. We will also be finding out about famous warlords of the time. We will continue to work chronologically and look at the Vikings raid on Britain. We will spend time learning about and creating Viking long-ships, finding out about their beliefs including the legend of Valhalla. In art the children will be designing and making Anglo Saxon Brooches, shields, sketching helmets, designing figureheads for a Viking long-ship and making a collage of a Viking warrior. I am also using our history project as a basis for all of our English this term. We are leaning to write a defeating the monster story and am using the epic poem Beowulf as the text (although not the 3000 line version!) The children will be writing their own Anglo Saxon legend which includes a monster and a hero, writing the story of Beowulf from Grendel’s point of view and letters and diaries from characters in the story. We will also be learning how to write a finding tale using a Viking legend as our stimulus.

Mrs Fisher (Year 4 Teacher)


Year 5—The Victorians

This term, we will be studying the Victorians. Within this topic, we will focus on: the reign of Queen Victoria and her empire; the Industrial Revolution; Victorian schooling; rich and poor; and the focus on key advancements in medicine and technology. This topic will compliment our English unit, which looks at 'Rags to Riches'  tales, with the focus text 'Street Child'. To help broaden the children's experience, they will have the opportunity to visit the MK museum and step back in time to see the Victorian street and classroom.

Mr Mitchell (Year 5 Teacher)


Year 6—The Tudors

This term, Year 6 are learning about the Tudors. First of all, they will put themselves in Henry VII's shoes, coming up with the best course of action for how to cement and strengthen his claim on the throne. Then, using a range of different historical sources, they will try to get to the bottom of what Henry VIII was really like as a person and a monarch. Researching his six wives, they will come up with their own Top Trumps game, before investigating Henry VIII's reason for breaking away from the Catholic Church. Being aCatholic or a Protestant could have been deadly during Tudor times, depending on who was on the throne. Finally they will learn about the Golden Age of Elizabeth I - what made her such a successful ruler?

Mrs Featherston (Year 6 Teacher)


Designated Person for Child Protection is the Headteacher, Ms Carol-Anne McCollum

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection are Deputy Head Mr David May, Assistant Headteacher Mrs Heidi Martin and Mrs Rebecca Chapman-Hill